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Hello blues enthusiasts!

I am a new (and proud) member of the Board and also assisting in sponsorship efforts. I’ve worn many colored ribbons in my past work with various nonprofits and causes and I am thrilled to be a part of the Madison Blues Society and help it sustain itself (and grow!)

I find it kind of ironic that the MBS doesn’t have a blue ribbon as part of their logo or marketing strategy. But then, are ribbons really needed? Yes, they show unity and support for a particular cause. But I’ve been to many live blues events in the Madison area and can see the support on the dance floor and with people enthusiastically enjoying the bands. I know people in the area support the blues—no ribbons required.

My job with our sponsorship efforts allows people to show their support in a different way, but it can be a little more difficult getting sponsorships. I don’t think people always understand that MBS is a nonprofit, with the majority of our money going to support educational causes like our Blues Kids Program, our donation of funds to purchase blues music and books at area libraries, and our educational programs at the Wisconsin Historical Museum and the Musician Round Table (which we hope to expand this year), and others.

This is where I am asking for your support and trust. We are currently developing a wide variety opportunities for businesses to support our events and our mission. In return, the businesses may receive name recognition and other exclusive benefits just for sponsors. You can help right now. If you know a Madison area business that might be interested in supporting our mission, please email me at madisonbluessponsorship@gmail.com with the business name and a contact person. You can be assured that I won’t annoy, badger, agitate, or enrage your referral in any way. Our goal is to connect more blues-loving people with the opportunity to support us and help us grow.

I look forward to meeting more of you all in the coming months.
Julie Ethridge
Board Member

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